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Support rollers

Support rollers are single or double row units that are mounted on axles. They consist of thick-walled outer rings with a profiled outer surface and needle roller and cage assemblies or full complement or full needle sets of rolling elements. In practice, rollers with a convex outer surface are mainly used, as most of the time, misalignment occurs in relation to the raceway and edge stresses have to be avoided. The crowning radius of the lateral surface is R = 500 mm. For the NNTR..-2ZL series, the radius is specified in the dimension table. The NATR..-PP, NATV..-PP, NUTR and PWTR..-2RS series have a lateral surface with an optimized profile. Support rollers without an inner ring: RSTO and RNA22..-2RSR rollers have no inner ring. They are particularly space-saving radially, but require that the raceway on the axle is hardened and ground. The RSTO series is not self-retaining. Here, the outer ring and needle roller and cage assembly can be assembled separately. With RSTO and RNA22..-2RSR, the rolling elements are guided through a cage. These designs have no axial guidance of the outer ring. The axial guidance of the outer ring and needle roller and cage assembly must be provided in the connecting component. RSTO is not sealed, the RNA22..-2RSR series has lip seals on both sides. The bearings are greased with a lithium complex soap grease according to GA08. Support rollers with an inner ring are used when the axis does not have a hardened and ground raceway. STO is not self-sustaining. Here the outer ring, inner ring and needle roller and cage assembly can be assembled separately. The STO, NA22..-2RSR, NATR and NATR..-PP series have a cage. The NATV and NATV..-PP series are full complement, support rollers NUTR, PWTR..-2RS and NNTR..-2ZL full complement. Bearings without a cage have the highest possible number of rolling elements and are therefore particularly load-bearing. Due to the kinematic conditions, however, the speeds that can be achieved here are somewhat lower than with cage-guided support rollers. STO and NA22..-2RSR are without axial guidance of the outer ring. This must be provided for in the adjacent construction. With NATR and NATV, the axial guidance is provided by thrust washers and axial plain washers. With NUTR, the rolling elements guide the outer ring, with PWTR..-2RS and NNTR..-2ZL it is the center flange and the rolling elements. Protection against rust: Support rollers PWTR..-2RS-RR are protected against rust by the special coating. The bearings are greased with a lithium complex soap grease according to GA08 and can be lubricated via the inner ring. Arcanol LOAD150 is suitable for relubrication. Rollers can be used from -30 °C to +140 °C. For sealed bearings (2RS and 2RSR) and bearings with a plastic cage (TV), the temperature range is limited to -30 °C to +120 °C. Rollers NATR..-PP and NATV..-PP are suitable for operating temperatures from -30 °C to +100 °C, limited by the lubricating grease and the sealing material!