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Spherical roller bearings

Barrel bearings are single-row, self-aligning roller bearings. They consist of solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings with two ribs and a cylindrical or tapered bore, as well as barrel rollers with cages. The bearings cannot be dismantled. Barrel roller bearings are particularly suitable when high radial loads occur abruptly and misalignments have to be compensated for, see Compensating for Angular Misalignments. Their axial load carrying capacity is low. Bearings with a tapered bore have a bore taper of 1:12 and the suffix K. These bearings are also supplied with an adapter sleeve for fastening. The clamping sleeves are listed in the dimension tables and must also be specified when ordering. These bearings are not sealed. The bearings can be lubricated with oil or grease from the end faces. Compensation of angular errors: under normal operating conditions and with a rotating inner ring, spherical roller bearings can be swiveled around 4° from the central position. This allows misalignment between the outer and inner ring and thus compensates for misalignments, shaft deflections and housing deformations. With a rotating outer ring or wobbling inner ring, the angular adjustability is less. Please inquire about this. Barrel bearings with brass cages can be used at operating temperatures from -30 °C to +150 °C. Bearings with outside diameters over 120 mm are dimensionally stable up to +200 °C. Bearings with cages made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide are suitable for operating temperatures up to +120 °C! Barrel roller bearings with solid brass cages have the suffix MB. The cages are guided on the inner ring. Solid window cages made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide can be identified by the suffix TVP. Check the chemical resistance of the polyamide for synthetic lubricating greases and lubricants with EP additives! Aged oil and additives contained in the oil can impair the service life of the plastic cages at higher temperatures! Be sure to observe the oil change intervals!