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Rod ends

The hydraulic rod end is a spherical bearing unit. It is constructed from a rod head that has an external and internal thread. A bearing is integrated in this rod head. Rod ends can be used for a wide range of purposes. They can be used as lever and linkage connections, but also as connecting elements between cylinders and connecting parts in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic rod end belongs to a subcategory of ball bearings, which are ready-to-install, standardized machine elements. Spatial adjustment movements are permitted thanks to a concave outer ring bore and a spherical inner ring geometry. These types of bearings take static loads and are suitable for pivoting and tilting movements. Shaft misalignments are compensated for and there is no edge pressure. Furthermore, coarser manufacturing tolerances are permitted in the adjacent construction. Our spherical plain bearings and rod ends are manufactured and supplied in many different designs, dimension series and designs. Some special versions are maintenance-free due to their special construction. With conventional designs, maintenance is uncomplicated. The spherical plain bearings are highly reliable and have a long service life.