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Radial spherical roller bearings

Radial spherical roller bearings are double-row, self-retaining units consisting of solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings and barrel rollers with cages. The inner rings have cylindrical or tapered bores. The symmetrical barrel rollers adjust themselves freely on the hollow spherical outer ring raceway. This compensates for shaft deflections and misalignment of the bearing seats. Numerous sizes of radial spherical roller bearings are available in the X-life design. These bearings have improved kinematics, optimized surfaces, even more efficient materials and no fixed center board. This significantly increases the dynamic load rating and, under the same operating conditions, the nominal service life of the bearings. In certain applications, the bearing can be designed to be smaller. X-life spherical roller bearings have the suffix E1. Radial spherical roller bearings absorb high radial and axial loads on both sides. They are designed for the highest load capacity and are also suitable for the heaviest loads due to the maximum number of large and particularly long barrel rollers. Due to the close osculation between the rollers and raceways, an even distribution of stress in the bearing is achieved. Radial roller bearings compensate for angular errors. We can supply sealed and greased bearings on request. Spherical roller bearings of all series are available with a cylindrical inner ring bore. Except for the 233..-A series, spherical roller bearings are also available with a tapered inner ring bore. Bearings with the suffix K have a bore taper of 1:12, bearings in the 240 and 241 series have a taper of 1:30 and the suffix K30. Radial roller bearings with a tapered bore are also supplied with an adapter sleeve, slotted nut and lock or with a withdrawal sleeve. The adapter and withdrawal sleeves must be ordered in addition to the bearing. Spherical roller bearings are dimensionally stable up to +200 °C. Bearings with metal cages can be used at operating temperatures from -30 °C to +200 °C. Bearings with cages made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide are suitable up to +120 °C! Radial spherical roller bearings with a fixed center flange on the inner ring (design without the suffix E1) have solid or sheet metal cages made of brass. Radial spherical roller bearings with sheet metal cages do not have a cage suffix. In radial spherical roller bearings with the suffix MB, the solid brass cages are guided on the inner ring, in radial spherical roller bearings with the suffix MA on the outer ring. Radial spherical roller bearings with the suffix M have a roller-guided solid brass cage. Radial spherical roller bearings in the 213..-E1, 222..-E1, 223..-E1, 240..-E1 and 241..-E1 series without a cage suffix have sheet steel cages. The two halves of the cage are supported by a guide ring in the outer or inner ring. In the radial spherical roller bearings of the 223..-E1, 240..-E1 and 241..-E1 series, all sheet steel cages are specially protected against wear by surface hardening or coating. The other radial spherical roller bearings of the E1 design have solid cages made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 or solid brass cages (suffix TVPB or M).