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Radial insert ball bearings

Radial insert ball bearings are single-row, ready-to-install units consisting of a solid outer ring, an inner ring widened on one or both sides, cages made of plastic or sheet steel and P, R, L or T seals. Bearings with an inner ring that is widened on both sides have less tilting of the inner ring and therefore run more smoothly. The outer ring surface is spherical or cylindrical. In conjunction with a housing matched to the design, bearings with a spherical outer surface compensate for shaft misalignments. With a few exceptions, the insert bearings can be relubricated. For this purpose, they have two lubrication holes offset by 180° in one plane in the outer ring. The bearings are particularly easy to assemble and are primarily suitable for drawn shafts of quality h6 to h9. They are fastened to the shaft using an eccentric clamping ring, set screws in the inner ring, clamping sleeve, keyway or fit. Some series with an eccentric locking collar and with grub screws in the inner ring are also available with bore dimensions in inches. Coated bearings with the suffix FA125 and bearings in VA design are available for corrosion-resistant bearings and for applications in the food and beverage industry. Rust-protected radial insert bearings are suitable for use with moisture, dirty water, salt spray and weakly alkaline and weakly acidic cleaning agents. Insert bearings can be subject to an increase in volume at high temperatures, which can be attributed to a change in the material structure. In addition, depending on the location of the heat source, there can be a greater temperature gradient between the inner and outer ring. The bearings described here have metal or high-temperature plastic cages, greater radial internal clearance, thermally resistant lubricants and special seals. These bearings have the suffix FA164 or FA101. The GLE..-KRR-B and GE..-KLL-B series also have an extended temperature range.