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Needle roller - axial ball bearings

Needle thrust ball bearings have no inner ring and are therefore particularly space-saving radially. However, they assume that the raceway on the shaft is hardened and ground. Needle thrust bearings NX and NX..-Z have a full complement axial part and end caps. The NKX and NKX..-Z series have a ball and cage assembly with a sheet steel or plastic cage as the axial part. NKX..-Z also has a cover cap on the axial part. Needle thrust ball bearings are a combination of a radial needle bearing and a thrust ball bearing. We have these needle axial ball bearings available in two series. We supply all needle thrust ball bearings without an inner ring. For installation cases where the shaft cannot be hardened and ground, inner rings are available for the radial needle roller bearings, which must be ordered separately. The outer ring has a lubricating groove and lubricating holes for lubrication. NX and NKX are lubricated with oil. The top cap on NX has lubrication holes. NX..-Z and NKX..-Z are lubricated with grease. The axial part is greased with a lithium complex soap grease according to GA08. The top caps have no lubrication holes. Needle Thrust Ball Bearings are suitable for accommodating radial loads and unidirectional axial loads. To support short shafts, where changes in length due to temperature are excluded during operation, two bearings can also be used, which are arranged mirror-inverted to each other. In such cases, it is advisable to elastically preload the axial bearing parts using disk springs. The elastic preload serves to ensure slip-free and low-noise operation of the unloaded axial bearing part. The elastic preload also improves the operating behavior of the axial ball bearings and minimizes running noise. Combined needle roller bearings are units consisting of radial needle roller bearings with an axially loadable roller bearing part.