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Linear carriages

With our very large and comprehensive linear carriage product catalogue, almost all tasks that you place on our products from the linear technology portfolio can be mastered. With our linear carriages, problems in mechanical and plant engineering can be solved intelligently but also economically. We offer you drive elements and linear guides from a single source, qualified advice from comprehensively trained employees and short delivery times thanks to a large and diversified inventory. Linear technology is part of drive technology. In contrast to the roller bearing, however, the focus here is on linear force absorption. Linear systems are now indispensable and the possibilities for application are more than numerous. The use of linear carriages is important in: mechanical engineering, packaging industry, logistics, medical technology, aviation, building technology, vehicle technology, rail vehicle applications, etc. The linear designs that are used the most are the shaft guide and the profile rail guide. In any case, linear guides consist of at least two components. These are the guide rail, which is also called the shaft, and the guide carriage, which is also called the linear ball bearing or linear ball bearing unit. Balls are used exclusively as rolling elements in linear ball bearings or in the linear ball bearing units, with both balls and rollers being used in profile rail guides, so that extremely high forces can also be absorbed. Depending on the design, shaft and profile rail guides can often be loaded in several directions. Basically, the principle of linear technology - in relation to the shaft guide and the profile rail guide - is very close to the principle of the roller bearing: The rolling elements are returned via a ball or roller recirculation system, so that unproblematic, smooth operation can be guaranteed. Some guide carriages can even be supplied with a so-called ball chain, which is based on the cage of the roller bearing and performs roughly the same tasks.