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Hydraulic rod ends

Thrust spherical plain bearings consist of an outwardly curved, spherical shaft washer and a matching, inwardly curved, spherical housing washer. They primarily absorb axial loads, but softer loads from radial and axial loads are also no problem for these bearings. However, the radial part of the load should never be greater than 50% of the axial part of the load. For larger radial loads, we recommend a combination of an axial bearing and a radial bearing. Thrust bearings are divisible, which means that shaft and housing washers can be installed separately. They are suitable for swivel, tilt and rotary movements, high static, high alternating loads and impact loads. They are available both in an open design and with a plastic seal on both sides (2RS). Thrust spherical plain bearings are a subcategory of spherical plain bearings. Spatial adjustment movements are also permitted thanks to a concave outer ring bore and a spherical inner ring geometry. This type of bearing absorbs particularly static loads and is also suitable for pivoting and tilting movements. Shaft misalignments are easily compensated and there is no damaging edge pressure, and coarser manufacturing tolerances are permitted in the connection construction. Spherical plain bearings are manufactured in many different designs, dimension series and versions. Some special fabrications are maintenance-free due to their special construction, the other types of joints that require maintenance are very easy to maintain. The spherical plain bearings are highly reliable and have an extremely long service life. Spherical plain bearings are made of shaft and housing washers that are provided with steel/steel sliding pairs, they absorb axial forces and transfer the supporting forces to the adjacent construction with low moments. This special design of spherical plain bearings preferably absorbs axial loads and allows tilting movements as well as pivoting movements. The spherical bearings allow alignment errors to be compensated. Axial and radial spherical plain bearings can be combined in such a way that systems with a very high axial and radial load capacity are created.