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Felt gaskets

FSV felt seal is suitable for grease lubrication and temperatures up to +100 °C (aramid packings for higher temperatures are also available on request). The adapter with the inserted, oil-soaked felt strip is secured against twisting by a round cord in the housing groove. Felt seals are suitable for peripheral speeds of up to 5 m/s, after running in up to 15 m/s. The permitted misalignment of the shaft is 0.5° on both sides. Gaskets come in many different variations. With us you will find a large selection such as sealing rings, felt seals and labyrinth seals. For bearing arrangements where sealing under the given operating conditions is more important than space or cost, there are several seal designs to choose from.
The seals we offer are treated separately in the following section. There are numerous ready-to-install external seals on the market. The simplest seal outside the bearing is the gap seal (non-contact seal), which creates a small gap between the seal and the housing. This seal design is suitable for grease-lubricated applications in dry, dust-free environments. To increase the effectiveness of this seal, one or more concentric grooves may be machined into the housing bore at the shaft exit. The grease escaping through the gap fills the grooves and helps prevent contamination from entering. In the case of oil lubrication and horizontal shafts, spiral grooves (clockwise or counterclockwise) can be provided in the shaft or in the housing bore, depending on the direction of rotation of the shaft. In this way, escaping oil is returned to the storage position. It is important here that the direction of rotation of the shaft does not change.