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Chain tensioning wheels

Chain tensioning wheels are chain guide and deflection units for bush and roller chains. They compensate for operational chain elongations and improve the smooth running of the system under high loads and speeds. The ready-to-assemble units consist of sprocket discs and deep groove ball bearings or radial insert bearings. The sprocket discs are made of high-strength steel, sintered iron or plastic (polyamide). Sprocket discs made of plastic run particularly smoothly and quietly. Since the inner ring of the deep groove ball bearing is extended on both sides, no additional spacer rings are required. In the KSR..-B0 series, the inner ring is fastened to the shaft with a clamping ring. Our range includes sprockets from the premium manufacturer INA. The bearing bore of this series has a plus tolerance. This means that unmachined shafts up to ISO tolerance h9 can be used for medium loads and speeds. The ready-to-assemble units consist of deep-drawn, profiled and riveted sheet steel discs and grooved ball bearings. Larger disc diameters are additionally welded. A running-in phase on the pulley profile avoids damage to the belt. Due to the sheet metal design, the additional rotating masses and resulting imbalances are only small. Chain tensioning wheels are greased with a lithium soap grease according to GA13 and are maintenance-free. The grooved ball bearings of the chain tensioning wheel are sealed on both sides.