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Belt tensioners

Belt idlers are tensioning systems for belt drives and deflection units. They increase the angle of wrap in belt drives and thus transmit higher power or enable smaller dimensions. Compensate for operational elongations of the belts. Allow for shorter center distances and reduce wear on the belt drive. The ready-to-assemble units consist of deep-drawn, profiled and riveted sheet steel discs and grooved ball bearings. Larger disc diameters are additionally welded. A run-in chamfer on the pulley profile avoids damage to the belt. Due to the sheet metal design, the additional rotating masses and resulting imbalances are only small. Type A is suitable for V-belts, type B for flat, V- and round belts, type D for round belts and for steel and hemp ropes. Sealing of the belt tensioning pulley: the grooved ball bearings are sealed on both sides. Lubrication of the belt idler pulley: they are greased with a lithium-soap grease according to GA13 and are maintenance-free. Belt idlers are suitable for operating temperatures from -20 °C to +120 °C, limited by the lubricating grease and the sealing material.