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Adjustment needle bearings

Aligning needle roller bearings consist of outer sleeves formed without cutting, plastic support rings with a concave inner shape, outer rings with a spherical outer surface, needle roller and cage assemblies and removable inner rings. The surface of the raceways is optimized for adjusting needle roller bearings. This leads to a higher load capacity and longer service life. Aligning needle roller bearings have a raceway ring with a spherical lateral surface. Plastic support rings arranged between the raceway ring and a non-cutting formed outer sleeve made of sheet steel enable misalignment between the shaft and housing to be compensated during assembly. Bearings without an inner ring represent an optimal solution to the problem of such bearings, where the shaft can be hardened and ground. Due to the spherical outer ring and the concave support ring, adjustable bearings compensate for static misalignments of the shaft in relation to the housing up to 3°. The bearings must not be used to accommodate pivoting and wobbling movements! A breakaway torque occurs during the adjustment movement between the outer sleeve and the race! The tolerances for the housing bore must be observed for the adjustment movement. Adjusting needle bearings are not sealed. The open bearings can be lubricated with oil or grease. Bearings without an inner ring are particularly space-saving radially. However, they assume that the raceway on the shaft is hardened and ground. Bearings with an inner ring are used when the shaft is not designed as a roller bearing raceway. The standard inner ring allows axial displacements within the values specified in the dimension tables. If larger displacements occur, the standard ring can be replaced by a wider inner ring IR. Operating temperatures from -20 °C to +100 °C are possible, limited by the plastic support rings! The cages are made of sheet steel.